New EBF Member Portal Enhancement - EOBs Now Available Online!!!!


If you have ever wondered whether it is worthwhile for you to register on the EBF's Member Portal, we have just added a feature that further builds a case for why you should set up your account.

Starting, May 1, 2020, members can now access their Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) forms and Benefit Pre-Determination documents online!

We are living in challenging times, and EBF staff has used this time to complete some important projects to better serve our members.  Leveraging the power of technology is one of CSEA President and EBF Board Chairperson Mary E. Sullivan's top priorities.  The EBF IT team actually completed this work 2.5 months ahead of our project schedule.

Here are a few things you need to know about this new online tool:

  1. EOBs and PREs are accessible 24/7/365 for members who have signed up for the EBF Member Portal (see the huge button on our website)
  2. You need to have an account registered on our EBF website.  If you do not have an EBF Member Portal Account, you can sign up in under a minute. You will need to do this to access your documents securely.
  3. EOB/PRE History goes back for 5 years from current date. If a member needs records older than that, you will need to contact us separately by phone.
  4. For any subscriber with a spouse and/or dependent over the age of 18 on file, there is a notice that HIPAA authorization is required the first time you try to access it. Members will need to be authorized by each age 18+ spouse and/or dependent on their file to view the dependent’s EOB information.
  5. EOBs/PREs appear in PDF format that the member can view on Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Phone devices, and print the documents if necessary.

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