Benefits Specialists

   CSEA Employee Benefit Fund (EBF) regional benefits specialists serve as a liaison between the EBF, members and the CSEA staff. Benefits Specialists assist Labor Relations Specialists, local government negotiating teams, and bargaining units during the contract negotiation process. They provide dental and vision benefit comparisons, give in-depth presentations to CSEA officers, bargaining units and management negotiating teams and assess the appropriate rate structure and participation levels applicable to obtaining and implementing EBF benefits.

   State Benefits Specialists also assist in the daily service of CSEA State and Unified Court System members with inquiries, questions and issues pertaining to the EBF benefits for these bargaining units. State Benefits Specialists are also available to provide presentations at membership meetings, information days and health fairs to help educate the State and UCS members on their benefit packages.

   To find out more information about how the valuable benefits offered by the EBF can help the members in the bargaining units you are in and how to obtain them, please contact your Benefits Specialist. We are YOUR benefit resource!

Regional Benefits Specialists
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Candace Sclafani

Sr. Benefits Specialist, Region 1

Candace Sclafani serves as a Senior Benefits Specialist for CSEA Region 1. Prior to joining the EBF she worked in retail as a Customer Relationship & Marketing Manager. She graduated from Alfred University in 2009. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in expanded media and printmaking. This included coursework in marketing and family business management.

Jordan Rider

Sr. Benefits Specialist, Region 3

Jordan Rider graduated from the College of Saint Rose in Albany with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Before joining CSEA Employee Benefit Fund, Jordan worked as a sales representative. Jordan began her career with the CSEA EBF as a Region 3 Senior Benefits Specialist in August, 2014.

Erin Bazinet

Sr. Benefits Specialist, Region 4

Erin Bazinet graduated from Le Moyne College in 1990 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Management Information Systems. She has served as CSEA Region 4 Senior Benefits Specialist of the Benefit Fund since 2010 having previously worked in Public Relations for the Albany Medical College Alumni Association for a five year period.

Gina Tralongo

Sr. Benefits Specialist, Region 5

Gina serves as the Region 5 Senior Benefits Specialist. After college, she dedicated her career to helping others find better health and wellness through the power of nutrition and exercise. She operates a boutique fitness studio and plant based food bar to bring these elements to the community. Her love of helping people continues to serve her position at the EBF.

Jim Aldrich

Sr. Benefits Specialist, Region 6

Jim Aldrich serves as Senior Benefits Specialist with the CSEA Employee Benefit Fund (EBF). He currently services CSEA Region 6. Before starting his career with the EBF team he worked in the private sector for over a decade. Jim holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Management from the University at Albany.

Kylie Chard

State Benefits Specialist, All Regions

Kylie Chard attended Hudson Valley Community College, and began her career with the CSEA Employee Benefit Fund in 2012. Kylie worked in the EBF's Member Services Unit and specialized in eligibility and enrollment. Kylie excelled at helping member's understand their EBF benefits, with a special emphasis on the EBF's vision plan. She was promoted to the position of State Marketing Specialist in January 2015.

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