About the CSEA Employee Benefit Fund

The CSEA Employee Benefit Fund (EBF) was established in 1979 as a non-profit labor trust. It is managed by a board of trustees comprised of CSEA members and chaired by CSEA President Mary E. Sullivan.

The EBF was originally created to provide dental and prescription drug benefits to the New York State CSEA membership. In 1980, the EBF began to expand as Local Government units were provided access to EBF benefits by allowing them to negotiate benefits into their collective bargaining agreements. In 1981, a comprehensive vision care plan was added. Over the years, the EBF has worked to expand and improve the programs offered to the CSEA membership, including the addition of several reimbursement benefits.

The EBF provides benefits to more than 600 CSEA represented local government units, including counties, cities, towns, villages, school districts and public authorities. The EBF has considerable experience in dealing with the complexities that surround local government negotiations which is why we offer varying levels of dental, vision and reimbursement benefits. All plans are obtained through contract negotiations or by a memorandum of agreement between a CSEA bargaining unit and its employer.

Our staff is available by calling 800-323-2732.

Since 1979 our mission remains to provide the best benefits and service to our members.

Board of Trustees members include the following individuals:

  • Mary E. Sullivan, Chairperson
  • Lester Crockett, Treasurer
  • Lynne Gamache, Secretary
  • Richard Bebo
  • Kenny Greenleaf
  • Bob Pazik
  • Faye Wilkie-Fields