EBF Approves New Benefit for Those Deployed for Military Service


At its July 28, 2020 Board Meeting, the EBF Board of Trustees unanimously approved a measure implementing a prospective waiver of COBRA premiums for EBF participants deployed for active military service.

The measure, which is effective July 28, 2020, waives the monthly COBRA premium that is charged to continue EBF dental & vision benefits. The waiver is valid for the duration of the participant’s military deployment and is suspended once that duty ends.

Since the EBF is not always advised of military deployments in a timely fashion, it is important to contact your Health Benefits Administrator (HBA) prior to your deployment so the waiver can be properly applied. The HBA should then contact the EBF on your behalf.

This is just another way, the EBF is supporting its participants and recognizes the service and sacrifice made by so many of our members in the military.

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