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The CSEA Employee Benefit Fund (EBF) is proud of its partnership with its dental providers. Recently, the EBF developed a Dental Provider Guide that is intended to serve as a comprehensive resource for our dental providers. This Guide can be accessed by clicking here or on the image to the left.

EBF ID# Lookup

Please use the 9 digit EBF Subscriber ID (rather than social security number) when submitting claims. The following tool is to assist in obtaining the EBF Subscriber ID for more efficient and accurate claims processing.
Note: The presence of an ID number is not definitive proof of eligibility for benefits.

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EOB & Register Request

As a dental provider, you now have the ability to request copies of claim EOBs and a provider register using the Dental Provider Portal. Please fill in the required information below and submit your request. Your requested document(s) will be faxed to you within 24 hours.

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Provider Information

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2022 ADA Codes and Plan Fees

Download a copy of the CSEA Employee Benefit Fund ADA Codes and Plan Fees for each of our nine plans.

EBF Provider News

Update 7/1/19: Effective July 1, 2019, the CSEA EBF's Board of Directors has approved the enhancement of the New York State Dental and Retiree Dental Plans. For further details please see the announcement in our Latest News section.

Update 12/27/17: We are very excited to announce that we have included a copy of the CSEA Employee Benefit Fund 2018 ADA Codes and Plan Fees for each of our nine Dental Plans. Many providers have requested this information and we are very happy to supply it to you.

In order to ensure that claims are not delayed, and that provider payments are made on a timely basis, it is important that providers use the EBF ID number rather than Social Security numbers on all claims related documents.

The EBF's Dental Provider Portal makes it easy for dental offices to locate a member's EBF ID number. Simply click the “Dental Provider Portal” button and then click the “ID Lookup” tab. Enter the subscriber information, click “Perform Lookup” and you will be able to retrieve the EBF ID Number. EBF ID Numbers are the same for anyone on a subscribers plan. EBF ID Numbers are not proof of eligibility for benefits.

The EBF accepts electronic claims from Change Healthcare, Tesia, and DentalXChange clearinghouse. Our payor number is CX054.

In the Provider Portal you will find the EBF Dental Provider Guide which contains all of our dental plan brochures and valuable information to assist you in the most efficient way to submit claims.

There is also a section of common forms dental practices need, helpful general information as well as information on how to become a participating provider.

Submitting Electronic Claims (EDI)

One of the best ways to provide services to the EBF membership and ensure the most efficient processing of claims and payments is through the use of electronic claims processing. More and more EBF providers are using electronic claims submission. Please review the instructions below:


To submit claims electronically:

  • Your office must have a practice management software program that has the ability to submit claims electronically. The software program, which submits claims through a telephone line or the Internet, connects to a clearinghouse. The clearinghouse directs the claims to the correct insurance company or benefit plan for processing.
  • Your software vendor will assist you in the correct way to enter claims using your computer system.
  • Clearinghouses charge a fee for each transaction. This fee is usually less than the cost of mailing claims.
  • It is critical that the information submitted on electronic claims is correct or the claim may be delayed. The spelling of names, dates of birth, and gender are important and if they are incorrect the claim cannot go through the system for processing.
  • The appropriate American Dental Association Current Dental Terminology (CDT) codes must be utilized for claim submissions.
  • Attachments such as radiographs, narratives, periodontal charting and primary Explanation of Benefits statements via and attachment service.
  • The EBF accepts electronic claims from Change Healthcare, Tesia, and DentalXChange clearinghouse. Our payor number is CX054.

Participating Providers And The CSEA Employee Benefit Fund

The CSEA Employee Benefit Fund (EBF) provides dental and vision benefits to CSEA represented governmental employees throughout New York State.


The EBF strives to provide quality benefits to our members at the most affordable price. Participating providers are integral to our program and our true partners in providing this care.


We would like to invite you to become an EBF participating provider. Joining our panel of providers creates the opportunity for you to expand your practice by providing access to more than 260,000 covered CSEA members and their dependents.




  • There are more than 260,000 CSEA members and their dependents.
  • Fast and efficient turnaround time for claim processing.
  • The EBF accepts electronic claims from Change Healthcare, Tesia, and DentalXChange clearinghouse. Our payor number is CX054.
  • Acceptance of claim attachments such as radiographic images, periodontal charting and primary explanation of benefit statements through National Electronic Attachment, Inc. NEA Fast Attach.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer is available to our participating providers.
  • We have customer service staff to assist your office. Customer service hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 - 5:00.
  • Plan fee schedules are routinely evaluated and upgraded.

We are always working to improve the EBF to increase provider participation and make the submission of claims easier and more efficient.




We will be pleased to send you a package consisting of our Dental Provider Guide, a Request For Dental Practice Information, a copy of the Participating Provider Contract, and a W-9 Form. This information can also be downloaded by clicking the links on this page.

Mail your completed contract to:
CSEA Employee Benefit Fund
PO Box 489
Latham, NY 12110-0489

After your completed contract is processed, we will place your practice information on our website and in our provider listing. This listing may also include a link to your website.




If you have questions call 800.323.2732 and ask for Provider Relations or contact us by following this link.



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