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CSEA Members and Address Changes


Did you know that when you have a change of address, you must contact the EBF and the Membership Records Department at CSEA Headquarters?


Some employers contact the Fund with address changes. However, it's not the employer's responsibility to do so.


From time to time, CSEA Headquarters will run an update tape that overrides the addresses the EBF has on file. If the member has not notified Headquarters Membership Records Department of their change of address, the "old" address of the member from Headquarters appears in OUR records. The Fund will only find out about the problem when the member calls looking for information such as an indemnity check for dental or vision benefits.


We appreciate everyone taking the time necessary to notify both departments so accurate information is available and all mailings are sent to the correct address. Telephone numbers for both departments are listed below.


CSEA Employee Benefit Fund - 1 - (800) 323-2732, press 4


CSEA Membership Records Dept. - 1 (800) 342-4146


Thanks for your assistance!


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