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Retrieving Your Explanation of Benefits(EOB) From CDPHP

Below are the instructions for printing your EOB from CDPHP's website.

  1. Sign in or Create your account on CDPHP.com
  2. From the home page, click "Claims Center" located in the green bar across the top of the page. (view screenshot)
  3. Select the Member name and date range you're requesting. (view screenshot)
  4. If there are claims for that individual in the time frame requested, they will all be listed there.
  5. To obtain an individual EOB for each date of service, click on the Claim # itself. (view screenshot)
  6. This will bring you to the actual EOB that EBF requires for reimbursement. (view screenshot)
  7. Print this page as proof of co-pay for Office Visits only.
  8. Submit all EOB's for Office Visit copays only for yourself and all eligible dependents

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