Local Government Dental Benefits

Over 2,200 participating dental offices in New York State. You may use any licensed dentist for dental care. The following plans are available for Local Government.

Available Plans

Participating Providers

Participating providers have agreed in writing to accept the CSEA EBF Fee Schedule as payment in full for services covered by our dental plans. However, if a member requires treatment from a specialist in a participating general dentistry practice, he/she will be informed of the specialist's right to balance bill. The member will be responsible for the difference between the specialist's customary charge for the service and the allowance which the CSEA EBF pays under the member's dental plan. Members choosing a non-participating dentist are reimbursed according to the fee schedule which appears in the Summary Plan Description provided to the member. Although our recruitment process of providers into the EBF is ongoing, participation is at the sole discretion of the dentist.


Oral Surgeons, Endodontists, Periodontists who are part of participating general practices have the right to bill members the difference between the specialist's customary charge for the speciality service and the allowance paid by the applicable CSEA Employee Benefit Fund dental plan.

How to Use This Benefit

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